Friday, December 16, 2011

Ocholoni Shai (Peanut Butter Tea)

I’ve been meaning to sit down and spill my guts about several different, challenging and deep, topics for quite some time, but it seems that every time I sit down to do it I suddenly feel it’s more important that I play a game of Plants vs. Zombies (which I’ve beat several times over now), or Cake Mania, or to look up inane topics like Robert Pattinson or awesomely bad tattoos or birth defects, online. I know! I have my priorities, right? Not to mention I’ve also sat down with every intention of finishing my Educational Needs Assessment (ENA) for the PC, with the same outcome. I’m in a rut, simply because I can’t seem to make myself do the writing I’m supposed to do. When have I ever been at a lack of words to write? I mean, I have an essay I wrote in Denny’s at 11:30am about how thumb tacks are taken for granted for crying out loud!
But….here I am now, sitting at my computer again, making an attempt at doing something somewhat productive, hoping that at the completion of this blog update, I will have managed to get the ball rolling enough to work my way through the ever threatening “To do” list by the start of the weekend. Seeing as I’m kind of forcing myself to do this, I’ve chosen a simple, uncomplicated topic that most people enjoy; food.
I’ve decided that, when I’m due for a blog update but I’m not feeling terribly inspired, I’ll post a recipe for you folks back home to try out, or to grimace at as the case may be; you choose. The winning food, or drink I should say, for this time ‘round is Ocholoni Shai. (Oh-cho-low-nee Shy). To us English speakers it translates to Peanut Butter Tea. Sounds weird, I know, but it’s surprisingly good, especially on cold days when you just can’t seem to get the chill out of your bones. Here goes;
Ocholoni Shai
Tea – Herbal, nothing fruity, and green tea probably wouldn’t taste very good either. Can’t give you a brand because the kind they use here isn’t available in the states. Find one you like, experiment!
Peanut Butter – Duh! Here we use organic, unsweetened, all natural. You can get it in most grocery stores in the states now, if not, go to the local Co-Op. You can use chunky if you like, but keep in mind you’re going to be drinkin’ the stuff.
Sugar – Which isn’t actually necessary if you’re going to use already sweetened peanut butter like, Skip or Jiffy, or what-ever-the-hell brand you like.
Get Cookin’
1.       Make the tea. If you don’t know how to do this already, there’s no hope for you.
2.       Spoon in the peanut butter a little at a time until it’s as thick or thin as you like. If you’re using sweetened peanut butter, taste as you go so you don’t end up with it too sweet.
3.       Poor into the tea cup/s or mug/s of your choice.
4.       Add sugar until it tastes delicious!
5.       Drink it! It’ll warm you up in no time flat!


  1. i'm definitely intrigued! i shall try this! trying to think of what tea i should use though....

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